Dolcett Chronicles Tenderizing the Meat part 2

Master feels that Abigail has proven herself worthy enough to offer her breasts up for the next roasting in preparation for the grand roasting she will be experiencing soon. He allows her to have a witness during the preparations and Papa joins them via webcam. Master first tenderizes her small breasts with a heavy mallet and as she pulls away from the impact he must remind her why she is there. In the back and forth struggle between pain and servitude, a number of implements needed to be applied. Abigail faces some of her biggest fears as she realizes her fate. Watching as each needle penetrates her sensitive breasts, she battles her own will to remain still or recieve the plastic bag treatment. Once her breasts are nice and plump they need a good salt and pepper rub down and a balsamic glaze before being slowly cooked over an open flame. What a mouthwatering display of pain and pleasure.
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