Helena Locke hardtied 2017-08-02 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Helena Locke doesn't get tied up very often. As OT wraps the ropes around her she watches intently. Her predicament grows with each wrap. As does her excitement. The crotch rope was first to go on, but each rope OT adds makes it tighter; biting into her tender vulva. The gag adds to her helplessness before OT cuts off her clothes and exposes her sexy body.

With her arms tied behind her head her face is pushed into the box. It's not long before her panties are removed. Her torso is pulled up so her back is arched intensely. Then OT adds a crotch rope and pulls it up so tight that it hurts. The vibrator isn't that much help and OT makes it worse by spanking her hard.

Helena is sitting on a box with her arms tied behind her back and up to the ceiling. OT comes in and pulls up the ropes so she's on her feet. As she hangs there OT comes in with the dreaded cane. He beats her ass while she screams.
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