Pain It Forward: Slashed
London River     Maddy O'Reilly     Stephie Staar    
2018-12-14, 64 minutes, 2,048 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
Credits to buy this movie: 19.99 credits
London said she'd be here, but there's just this creepy dude wanting me to come inside his house.
Supposedly London is in there. I should probably just leave, but I can't abandon a friend in need.

It's getting really late and I need to get to work. The sun is almost down.
Maybe I'll just knock on the door. If she doesn't come out I'm leaving.

London is feeling ill. The guy wants me to help coax her from the bathroom to my car.
I'll just see if I can get her out of there. That's all, just a quick conversation, then I'm gone.

Why does my head hurt? What happened? Did he hit me with a pipe? Why can't I move?
All I can taste is metal. Oh SHIT! I gotta get out of here! This is so fucked up!

I keep thinking I see London, but she's not really there. She looks sad. What happened to her.
He says she's dead. Is it her ghost? Was that Stephie Staar's ghost I saw in the car?

I guess I'm dead now too. London is so beautiful. I've always wanted to make out with her.
We can do whatever we want. This is actually pretty great!
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