Neck Play
Bonnie Day hardtied 2016-12-07 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Overwhelmed. Terrified. Aroused. Bonnie Day is a quintessential hardcore bondage slut. You'll see it when the action really gets going, Matt Williams has barely touched her twat but this sexy submissive is soaking wet. Intense BDSM makes her cunt get all creamy and so the worst torment for Bonnie might just be how long she has to go before she gets the chance to cum.

Bonnie's body is slim and soft, the kind of target that no Dom can pass up. A rope around her neck makes a convenient handle for him while he puts her through her paces. She is more the type to quiver in her bondage than fight against it, so it makes for a better predicament when he ties a weight to it. Her legs are trembling so much that you can hear the shackles shake, and Matt just keeps adding more pain to her day. Nipple clamps, crotch rope, and a brutal breast whipping all leave her simultaneously shaking like a leaf and more wet than she has ever been.

By the time Matt lays Bonnie on her back you can see what we were talking about before. Her pussy is literally leaking cream, showing off how much she could use a good, hard fuck. She hasn't quite earned a deep dicking, but Matt's got a couple of toys that she can play with for now, if she can handle it.
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