037 Unit
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2020-10-18 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Last I remember, I was talking with another Master from Norway on telecom. This was my last memory of my former self with long hair sporting a slight unnatural attitude towards men. I do remember that my life was "so boring" as I tell this very hansom Master that I was ready to completely give up this dreary vanilla lifestyle, including the nice car I had and the 7 bedroom Victorian house in Connecticut. Anything would be better than the daily grind with the "No Hair out of place" self important lawyers and the two judges that were forcing me to perform sexual favors.

I must have passed out...

Sometime later... I slowly come to transformed, as I see myself in the mirror with No hair, No eyebrows, naked with the dark numbers 037 printed on your forehead... WTF!??

Confused and frightened, I don't remember how I got here. The Master is back on the telecom . I ask what happened, but he silently shows the the hypnotic pattern again. I fight for a bit but give into it. I feel my eyes flutter...

From the Master in Norway point of view;
She is mindlessly staring. Her mouth hangs open slightly, she starts robotically repeating mantras and continues to do so throughout the rest of the telecom call. "I am a mindless slave. I am unit 037. I will obey. I have no purpose but to serve. I am an empty sex doll. My master thinks for me. I am a foot slave. Sex dolls do not need hair."

The end of the video is me shaving my head and eyebrows for his insanely morbid video.

Brain Washing, Making a Slave, Mesmerizing, Explicit, Extreme slave, Head shaving, Bald, Eyebrow Shaving, Master, slave, Role, Abigail Dupree
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