Pussy Hammock
Alex More hardtied 2018-02-28 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Sexy Alex More waits for OT. She looks nervous as he takes her jacket off. The ropes are wrapped tightly around her body. She gets more and more immobile. Just the way OT likes it. Once she can't get away he starts to touch her. Most women recoil at his invasive touch.

Alex is one of those dirty sluts who gets turned on by a stranger's touch. The more OT fondles her the more excited she gets. When he steps away she can't help, but touch herself.

Clits come in all shapes and sizes. Alex's is quite large and highly responsive. OT barely grazes it with the vibrator after fully exposing it with clamps. The squirt sprays across the room as waves of orgasm crash down on Alex.
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