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Gronc is one of the most influential illustrators in the INSEX sphere. His drawings have inspired many of our positions over the years. Now we pay homage to some of his more complex works. See Summer Hart put into intense positions complete with narrated stories.

Worm Cave: Summer Hart is transported to the lair of the Worm Master. He feeds on the bodies beautiful women who his minions capture, strip, bind, and season with an apple and carrot.

Framed Vestal: Summer Hart committed an act of wanton sexuality and must be punished. The high priest sentences Summer to induced arousal for an eternity. She is bound with chains and sealed with magic in the woods for all of eternity.

Crossed By Chains: Summer Hart is the victim of a King gone mad. She is put in his dungeon where many women have been. The mad King binds her in horribly painful positions until her body is broken.

Exploding Girl: Summer Hart is one of a series of adult toys. She can only be used once, but she's a hoot. Light her up and run like hell before the kaboom. Listen to her scream and cry before she's exploded.
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