Folda' Frau
Sierra Cirque hardtied 2016-07-06 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Sierra Cirque may well have been an acrobat at some point with the way her body moves. She is as flexible and nimble as she is sexy and submissive. Our guy is going to have a lot of fun folding her up into different positions and beating whatever bits of skin those reveal to him, and if she's very good, maybe she'll get to have a little fun herself.

Fooling around with Sierra's flexibility is only half the fun. The way she shrieks and tries to wiggle away every time she is flogged, fingered, or fucked is what really gets our guy going. He is having the time of his life bending and beating this bitch until she breaks. Then when she's broken in he's going to hang her from the ceiling and have some more fun with her.
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Sierra Cirque get's the plank treatment, cock blasted from both ends, throated and made to cum!
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