Creep Induction
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Upon entering the grotto the next morning, I expected to clean up the tailings from their dining. What a shock seeing her as I left her. A couple kicks -- she stirs and moans.

I had satiated myself and expected to share this morsel with my friends living amongst the trees and slopes of the mountain. To prepare the feast I hogtied and wrapped her head and hands with tape. Looking down at her now I could see hair stuck to the tape and covering the ground, It looked as if they had laid beside her -- maybe to keep her warm.

Many days have passed since that cold misty Fall morning surprise. She continues to reveal the wisdom of the mountain.

Just when she seemed resigned to the “adjustment” routines, I added, probably, the most terrible one she could imagine. I sensed that she had a lot at stake with her hair grooming. Removing this last vestige of her vanity would completely empty her. I hooked up a double bind pushup rig by weaving her hair into a pulley. As her arms tired she could pull her hair out. She is a strong cunt -- she resisted for at least an hour. Then, just as she began to collapse, I placed the scissors within her grasp.
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