Open Cavities Ass View
Abigail Dupree 2020-08-23 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Who said home dentistry needs to be all pain and Not sexy?

From all the sweets that she is rewarded with for being a good girl, slave Abigail has cavities in her teeth. She now home cures them holes in her teeth because she hates the dentist more than extreme torture from a seasoned sadist. But there is another cavity that is way more interesting than the few cavities in her mouth...

The well used ass cavity gets full a full up-front view as she packs her tooth at the bathroom sink. She lifts her skirt inserts a steel plug, removes it and replaces it with a steel tunnel plug that gives us view inside that lower cavity for a good lengthy time. Home dentistry is sexy!

Another behind the scenes look at the day to day life of sex slave Abigail Dupree.

Up-skirt, Huge Labia, Ass View, POV, Steel Anal Plug, Tunnel Plug, Behind The Scenes, Bathroom, Advanced Sex Slave, Abigail Dupree
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