Classic Rain
Rain DeGrey hardtied 2017-03-29 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Rain DeGray is tied up all comfy and cozy down on her knees for Matt Williams where she belongs. Her mouth is stuffed full of ball gag and her breasts are swollen and pink from a rope harness that's squeezing them tight. He clamps some clothespins onto Rain's nipples to pinch them tight and sting her hard.

Matt stands her up and bends her over, pulling her arms into a brutal strappado and wrapping them with rope. Her legs are pulled apart and tied at the ankle so she can't pull them back together. Then he torments each of them in their own turn. He taps the cane up and down each of her calves, each stinging a little more than the last. Then he stands her up and starts to tear into her tits with a flogger.

He strings a line from Rain's neck rope down between her legs through her crotch so that it rubs snug up against her pussy. Then he pulls the rope attached to her strappado even tighter, hoisting her up by her elbows. Then, when her body is aching as much as he wants, Matt presses a hitachi up against her clit and starts to vibrate away.
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