Jacey Jinx hardtied 2018-10-10 16.99 credits Buy Movie
For Jacey Jinx there's nothing sexier than a tight rope around her neck. Every time the rope tightens she gets noticeably more aroused. The play is quite arousing itself. Jacey is subjected to four hard scenes that each contain breath play in one form or another.

She's made to hold herself up in a hogtie to prevent herself from going out. She's put in predicament bondage where she has to hold herself up or she chokes. She's made to cum over and over again with the rope tightening around her neck. It's so obvious how much she likes the feeling. She can't help herself.

She's INSEX masked and suspended with her tits in a tight tie. She's choked and vibrated while she flies through the air. It's truly beautiful!
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