Take a Sip
As directed by Master, the slave relieves herself in a glass urinal and takes a sip. A slave is to respond, reply and, or accomplish every demand or task given to the slave by the Master without question. Commands, routines, dressage and punishments can be meaningfully structured only by a good documentation and adapted to the development of the slave.

Slave Education means limitations plus control is DEBRIS type training;
Mental adaptation, reality determination, mirror world, sex slave, oral slave, toilet slave, pony, maid, doll, Fuck-Doll , since especially punitive measures with significant restriction restrictions referred to punishments in which the slave ⁄ the slave otherwise usual rights are restricted or completely taken. Restrictions can be very humiliating and should be part of any training with their good educational impact. Restrictions may affect basic needs such as eating, drinking, sleeping (= body control), but also prohibiting the use of certain equipment, entertainment, transportation, etc. while in training.

Master Commands, Slave, Obeys, Body Control, Piss, Glass Urinal, Toilet Slave, Drain Bladder, Obedience, Bodily Function, Golden Water, Sip, Male Superiority, White Slave, Female Slave, Sex Slave, Cane Marks, Asshole Fetish, Need to Serve, Pierced Pussy, Huge Labia, Abigail Dupree
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