Tracy hardtied 2021-03-10 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Being young, pretty and fresh is an advantage in life most days, but when PD is tying you to a chair that innocence is like a neon sign, begging him to violate you. Tracy wanted to experience bondage and pain so she came to the best. The ropes are tighter than she expected. The bite into her skin and the sensation is so much more erotic than she anticipated. The feeling of being bound and controlled arouses her in ways she did not think were possible. By the time PD offers her a chance to get her holes stuffed she is all but too willing. It scares her to be given something she wants so desperately. She knows he will make her suffer for it, but what she does not know is how, or how much.
advantage     bite     bondage     chair     chance     feeling     hole     innocence     life     neon sign     pain     rope     sensation     skin     time pd     tracy     way     
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