He Screams In Pain
His screams are musical delights to my ears..

Master Ron has brought his boys over to the Sensual Pain Studio dungeon for a bit of pain management training today. One is hooded, locked in a cramped standing cage. He is made to observe thru his burlap sack the long torments his brother slave receives from Dungeon Master James.

Master Ron is pleasantly observing his alpha Slave Butters screaming in his rubber hood, properly shackled and strapped to a horizontal board precariously hovering over a sharp sharp bed of nails while beaten with whip and cane. Receiving a painful caning on inner thighs and chest while slave is in a predicament over a bed of nails, forced to hold itself up with its legs.

BDSM, Device Bondage, Fear, Pain Session, Slave Boy, Cis Male, Master, slave, Cock Cages, Predicament, Standing Cage, Bed of Nails, Fakir Table, Rusty Nails, Gags, Metal Device, Male Training, Slave, Masochism, Hedonism, Master James, Sadism, DEBRIS, Discipline, End Interview
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