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The pure white dress Verta wears veils her true nature. One might think from looking at her that she's sweet an innocent. Verta is anything but! Matt Williams adorns her body with clothespin after clothespin all connected by twine. When he starts playing with the plug in her asshole she reacts immediately. That tight sexy body of hers writhes with pleasure. When the vibrator begins to do it's work Matt yanks the zipper off and she goes wild.

Insex women have various talents. Some are super flexible and can be contorted into crazy positions. Others play the submissive role so well that you can't help but be charmed by them. Still others are willing to experiment with activities that the mere mention of would send most women running from the room. All talents have their value. Verta has a talent that is quite rare. She can take pain and laugh. Her sweet little giggle as she's being whipped or pinched, or caned is music to Matt's ears.

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