Bruises and Ruined Orgasms
Jacey Jinx infernalrestraints 2020-03-06 19.99 credits Buy Movie
When we asked Jacey Jinx what she wanted to do the next time we saw her she said "Bruises!" That couldn't be it so we added her favorite activity to that. Bruises and Ruined Orgasms.

Perched on a little swing we get a little intimate with Jacey. Pulling off her clothes and touching her sexy body. The single tail leaves bright little lines all over. She screams, but you can tell she likes it.

Once she's marked up nicely she's teased, edged, and brought right past the point of no return, but just as her body releases stimulation is removed and she feels no pleasure, only the pain and frustration of a ruined orgasm.

In each position she feels the sting of an implement that will bruise her tender body. Then she feels the utter disappointment of orgasm after orgasm being thoroughly destroyed.
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