Hankey Stump-n-Dump Rating Huge Anal Stretch
Abigail Dupree 2020-08-09 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Ass stretching, Mr. Hankey Product Rating Huge anal toy Stump-n-Dump.

I have just received a new sexual oddity item in the mail today. It is from Mr. Hankey and they call it the Stump-n-Dump. This monster insertion masturbation appendage of a sex toy, has got to be one of the more interesting realistic toys to date, IMHO. This One Size Giant realistic Stump-n-Dump is cast directly from Mr. Hankey's arm. The insertable length is 13.75" and Circumference near elbow is 12.50" Holy Fuck!!

I begin this session by stretching my butthole with different size plugs, eggs and insertables in this Anal ride and rating video.

I have always stretched my sex holes safely and responsibly as you know, so I have been taking a much needed break from anal stretching the passed few months. After almost 7 years of carefully putting hundreds of different things in my butt for my pleasure as much as yours. But now that I have gotten this monster Stump-n-Dump, I am ready to bend over and take it up the ass again with great pleasure. So watch and or join along with me, Abigail Dupree.

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