Just Right
Emma Haize infernalrestraints 2014-08-08 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Here is what Emma Haize brings to the table. This hot blonde is sporting a pair of tits that scream “touch me”, a pretty little pussy begging to be fucked, and a love of bondage that speaks for itself. She doesn't hesitate for a second when it comes to getting down and dirty with the masters of BDSM. O.T. is her guide today, into the world of seductive bondage, rough corporal punishment, and intense sexual humiliation.

Gags aren't just a tool for control, they are a wonderful means of humiliation. Emma is going to know this better than anyone by the end of her session with O.T. It's a bit degrading having something wedge her mouth open like this. Any comfort she gains from being able to bite down is taken away knowing that if she has anything to say the metal in her mouth is going to to make it come out wrong. That's bad enough. But the drool is where things really go to the next level. It drips down the front of her body, leaving a trail of slime that is disgusting and humiliating. It gets everywhere and there is nothing she can do about it.

In typical bondage slut fashion this makes Emma dripping wet. The clamps that pull her pussy lips apart also show how ready to go she really is. Mr. Pogo pounds her pussy until she is literally screaming and creaming. Her orgasms are so intense they rock her body and leave her barely able to walk or talk.
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