Huge Insertion Anal Creampie: Part 1
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2017-09-08 9.99 credits Buy Movie
I really, REALLY like Huge Insertions! This is the infamous "Chance" from Bad Dragon and he is HUUUUGE! Wanna see how much of him I can take? This is a long fuck session that was only partially recorded. I was captured in the best angles for you to see me putting this long, thick toy to work. Would you believe that my ass can accommodate much more than my pussy ever will. I spread my legs so you can see how my pussy grips and takes him over and over. It feels so amazing that my clit starts aching to be touched. My asshole squeezes and pulses each time an orgasm wave hits me and I just can't wait any longer to give it a try. My asshole swallows him with ease and guess what...Chance has a fucking CUM LOAD cocked and ready to release! I fuck and pump my asshole deep just as he shoots his load. I stick my fingers inside my pussy and ass. I just love hearing how wet it is. This is by far, my favorite new friend... for soooo many reasons. And still I want for more.
Extreme Anal Slave
Huge Insertion and Anal Creampie part 2