Demon Possessed Domme Denial Role Play
Abigail Dupree 2019-06-09 9.99 credits Buy Movie
A solo role play by Abigail Dupree. The lengths some people go to in order to satisfy their darkest desires. This young man just has to have his way with his sister. He sold his soul to the Devil in order to have her be possessed by a seductive demon temptress. He's been waiting his whole life to have his way with her, but the tables are turned on him when the demon is not satisfied with his tiny little dick so instead he is left to be tormented while he watches the demon take over his sisters body to use it in perverse and disgusting ways. Fucked by a huge horse cock and tricked into orgasm while he cries in agony over the loss of his soul and most prized posession lost, never to be felt by him or his sorry excuse for a cock.

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