Whatever It Takes
Veruca James NEEDS a job. If she didn't she wouldn't have come to see OT wearing such a sexy, little outfit. She keeps saying the magic words. “I'm willing to do anything. I'll do whatever it takes.” She doesn't have any kind of experience in the field, references, or education. If she is planning on making
an impression with HR she is going to have to show off some other skills. A bit of flexibility, an open-mind, and the kind of willingness that only comes from desperation are all a good start, but she better be able to survive the interview if she wants the job.

So here is the deal, Veruca. You have one day to prove yourself. If OT is going to pay you for your time you had better make yourself worth it. Screaming and crying aren't discouraged, but if, at any point, you quit you can just forget about being able to pay your bills. It doesn't matter how humiliating or painful the interview process gets, just remember that every orgasm, cane stroke, or terrifying moment is one step closer to that pay check you so desperately need.
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