Sierra Screams
Matt Williams has has a long week, all he does is work work work. But now it is the weekend and it's time for him to unwind with one of his all time favorite activities: tormenting a sexy woman until she unravels. He's found himself a fit young thing by the name of Sierra Cirque and the two of them are about to have a heck of a time together. After each brutal session, she will be rewarded with some time with the hitachi, but if she doesn't cum loud or well enough for him, the next session will be even worse.

Matt has Sierra on the floor in a tight little dress, heels, and a black ball gag, tied up with her arms behind her and her knees spread so that her pussy is visible. He slices off the shoulder straps from her dress so that her tits are exposed and beats them some with a flogger, just enough so that her nipples harden and he can tie some twine between them and her thighs. After that's set up, he takes the flogger to her pussy. Drool drips from the ball gag onto what remains of her dress from the pain.

The next few sittings Sierra has more of a say in. He plays some games with her, a different game for each round. The first time he picks the body part and she picks the toy, whether she wants to be hit with a dragon tail, a flogger, or a cane. In another he has her choose a number between one and ten, and the difference between her number and his number is how many times she is struck with the cane. And at the end of all of it it's time to check again if she has learned to cum when told.
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