Brows Shaved for Master
slave Butters 2021-01-03 9.99 credits Buy Movie
slave Abigail shaves the eyebrows off slave Butters under the direction of Master James. The purpose is to shed the vanilla identity further sliding into becoming an object and play thing for his Master to enjoy.

Master Ron, Jedi Dark is wanting his slave to be more subservient less an individual, so chooses to have U⁄us here at Extreme Productions shave his slave's eyebrow hair as bald as his head. driven by the need to to service and submission, just a sexual play-thing for his Master.

The BDSM Master⁄slave dynamic is rare. Having and enjoying a successful M⁄s relationship is even more rare. W⁄we know this here at the Sensualpain studio because it is the M⁄s lifestyle that is lived here 24⁄7, a very similar dynamic that Master Ron leads with his slave Butters. For more information on this lifestyle, feel free to contact anyone of us.

BDSM, Eyebrow Shaving, Device Bondage, Slave Boy, Cis Male, Master, slave, Cock Cages, Slave Abigail, Metal Device, Male Training, Masochism, Hedonism, Master James, Master Jedi Dark, Sadism, DEBRIS, Discipline, End Interview
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