Kushie Bondage
Katie Kush hardtied 2019-07-31 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Katie Kush is one sexy girl! She’s got a body that not only bends to our will, but is also magnificent to look at. Such a pretty face too. Perfect for our ministrations. She’s new to bondage. It’s wonderful to see her explore her predicament.

A nearly back breaking hogtie knocks the wind out of her. Her feet are pulled so close to her shoulders they almost touch. The vibrator distracts her, but it doesn’t make her position any easier.

Katie is in a box tie. One leg gets pulled up high into the air. She’s so exposed. Her lithe little body is stretched, but not to it’s breaking point. Her other leg is pulled out to the other side. Perfect time for Mr. Pogo to enter the picture.
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