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Like the jaws of a giant metal snap trap, the Iron Maiden lies open waiting for fresh meat. He places her inside and closes it over her body. Eight thick metal rungs are loosened one by one and dropped tight against her flesh. Hoisting up his new creation, he hangs his sculpture of metal and meat in the air.

She can wiggle her fingers just a little. Otherwise, she can't move at all. He canes her. Holding a vibrator against her pussy, he continues to cane her, mixing those two old poisons - pleasure and pain. Her body quakes. Her eyes roll back. She comes. After penetrating her cunt and ass, he's relentless, tearing at her skin with a singletail.

Her body, folded, is locked into a different metal device. He sits her on a bed of spikes and tightens the wide collar at her throat until her breath rasps. Now sucking dick, gasping for air, she struggles. It makes him hard. After coming in her mouth and on her face, he leaves her. She watches him go, a strange desperate need in her eyes.
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