Cervical Service
Gabriella Paltrova    
2017-11-01, 37 minutes, 2,032 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
Credits to buy this movie: 16.99 credits
Gabriella came to the doctor's office for a little checkup. When the vaginal exam gets a little too painful OT the doctor has to restrain her to get a better view inside. The ropes hold her legs wide so her cute little pussy is held open. The speculum opens her up even more.

OT isn't really a doctor. He just likes playing with beautiful women. Now that he's got Gabriella tied up he's not going to let her go. He ties her harder and tighter and has his way with her. For OT that means vibrators and fingers inside of her.

OT has Gabriella tied in a harness. He ties her tits with twine so tight they bulge out. Her nipples get super sensitive. OT pulls the box out from under her making her fly. Then he whips, vibrates, and chokes her.

Finally it's time for Gabriella to get spanked. Tied over his knees with a ball gag in her mouth OT gives her a good spanking.
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