Rockys Road Part 2
Rocky Emerson realtimebondage 2018-09-01 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Rocky sits on her throne waiting for the heavy caning she deserves. Her ass is pushed out so she can't move an inch. Even wiggling away from the strokes is impossible. It's time for a little protocol. Each time she gets hit she must count, show gratitude, and ask for another. It's not just her ass that gets hit though. Her feet and thighs have to get some too. Her back doesn't escape the torment, it gets the whip.

Six cans are brought out for Rocky to choose from. She is to pick three of them. The contents of which are put in a blender. Once the concoction is mixed the aroma begins filling the room. Everyone on set has to smell it. She's chosen tomatoes, olives, and dog food. Rocky must eat ask much as she can. She's going to be sick!
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