Tia Ling hardtied 2010-03-03 49.99 credits Buy Movie
The breakdown from woman to fuck-slut does not take long. It took Tia hours of standing, scared and blind, before she would call herself a whore, but a few sends of vibration on her clit have her singing it out readily for the chance to cum. She proves herself to be a very capable cock sucker if it means the promise of an orgasm, too. She does enjoy the way he treats her, though. Being an object for the pleasure of others excites her. When she cums it is a flood and she repeats, "I am a whore" to herself, over and over. She was afraid to say it before but now it brings her peace.

Master A uses her pussy to refine her skills. The orgasms Tia has are so intense and overwhelming that she will do anything to feel that rush. He has a line of people waiting, and they are going to want to use her holes until she has nothing left to give. It means fucking her with ever bigger cocks so she can be ready to take anyone he commands. Her twat is going to be especially sore because he will keep fucking her long after she stops begging for more and starts crying for respite.
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