The darkness has a certain smell to it. The air is damp, musky, stale. Alone! Static emerges from the background filling the gaps. Cold - so very cold. Pain, fullness, light. Screaming. Someone... something is screaming crying - terror. A butchered animal? The screaming, it’s me!

Locked to the floor by a metal device in my ass. A small television hisses. I wake, groggy. How had I gotten here, when, why, who brought me? The television begins to speak. I’m here to entertain. To prove myself. To suffer.

I can do this! I will survive. I will endure. These unseen masters will get their show. I will degrade, defile, and debase myself for them. Whoever they are!
air     background     butchered animal     certain smell     cold     darkness     floor     fullness     gap     groggy     light     metal device     pain     screaming     show     small television hiss     someone     static emerges     television     unseen master     
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