Twisted Flower
Violet infernalrestraints 2022-06-27 99.99 credits Buy Movie
How soon, it seems, o twisted flower
, your turn comes round again -
 On Sunday night, I can delight To watch you in your pain.

How I adore your lovely face. 
Your wondrous coloured hair
. How I love your body too -
 especially when its bare!

Your ass, your tits, your pussy lips
. And your sweet anus too, 
how I love these parts of you
 as each comes into view!

The labia clamps, the nipple clips,
 the ropes and straps and canes, 
the violet wand and single-tail
. Each brings its special pains.

So cry for me sweet twisted flower
 with each new and painful scene. 
And think of me as I sit here
 before my PC screen.

I sit and think it's just for me,
 that you are put through hell. 
But when it's done
, hope you've had fun
 and enjoyed yourself as well!!!!!
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