Fear of Need Part Two
The last time PD saw Elise Graves he barely got to work her pussy at all. Now he is making up for lost time. She can cum from almost anything down there, but he is going to push her into a full pussy overload. With a fucking machine working her there is no break between orgasms, just a steady, relentless pumping that drives her over the edge without warning. PD uses a vibrator on her pussy until tears are streaming down her face.

When Elise has a chance to talk about her day she says how much she loved everything and makes the mistake of disclosing another one of her fantasies. She wants to be locked up tight and left until the limits of her endurance. PD has a set of stocks that let him do just that. She can struggle fitfully all she likes, but nothing short of his will or a miracle will get her out.
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