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Darkness is where Anastasia lives. Her world is plunged into the blankness of a hood. The heavy metal manacles ache against her wrists and ankles. Every movement is painful. Every sound is terrifying.

She can't tell what is coming or where it is coming from. Inside the barrel she's left to imagine what might happen next. Pain and pleasure feel the same when you can't see what is going on.

A tape gag with a layer of tape around her eyes is first. Then it's several stockings that cover the tape. The stockings are covered by duct tape. A plastic bag is applied and tied on with leather.
ache     ankle     blankness     darkness     duct tape     eye     heavy metal     hood     layer of tape     leather     pain     plastic bag     pleasure     several stockings     sound     stockings     tape     tape gag     world     wrist     
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