The Curious Artist Pt. 1
Chillycarlita loves art. Jack Hammer makes some of the best. He's got water colors hanging in the gallery, but that isn't what we mean. His real passion is making the models into the canvas themselves, and Chillycarlita is interested in being the subject of his next piece.

There are a few key elements to a beautiful work of art. The subject must be just right. Chilly has a perfect ass and tits that look like they are begging to be grabbed. The setting has to be perfect. For this one he'll try both the couch and the dungeon. And of course, an artist enjoys his work. There's no point in doing it if he can't have a little fun with the girl at the same time.

Chilly seems to be having fun, too. At least from the way she is alternating between giggling like a school girl and moaning like a whore. Whips and rope excite her and the magic wand is so powerful that it quickly brings her to multiple, Earth shattering orgasms. She feels like she is floating, and it isn't all in her head. She wanted a real rope bondage experience, and that isn't complete without an amazing suspension.
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