Double the Pain
We call this shoot double the pain, but maybe this is double the pleasure. Mary Jane Shelly and Bianca Breeze are two women who have never met but are about to have stunningly similar experiences. Matt Williams is working with the lovely Bianca, a tall brunette with a body to die for. Mary Jane is going to get worked over by none other than OT.

Mary Jane begins hooded and hung up on a wall. Her legs are spread, her pussy is exposed, and OT has the vicious dragon tail in his hand. She's going to feel the sting between her legs, crying out through the leather that covers her head. The screams turn to moans of pleasure and expressions of glee when he trades out the whip for a high powered vibrator. Later Mary Jane will experience intense face bondage with a variety of hooks, but the way that the vibrator feels between her legs is enough to bring a smile to her face no matter how much pain she is in.

Bianca isn't as easy to make cum, but that is OK. Matt has the Sybian on hand, and no girl can resist the charm of the most powerful vibrator there is. It doesn't matter what else he has in store for her as far as she is concerned. The way this thing rips orgasms from her she would gladly suffer any kind of torment or humiliation.
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