Cum Beat My slave
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2017-12-06 24.99 credits Buy Movie
Another gem from the archives of Abigail Dupree. It's bondage Sunday for slave abigail... a tradition that Master James put into effect for the pure joy of it. It just seemed right to put His slave on display while doing sexually deviant things for your viewing pleasure (Like nipple clamps attatched to her arm pit hairs, peeing in a jug and self spanks, drooling on her tits) on the same day that a lot of people get their weekly dose of the Lord. Keeping up with a room full of sadistic horny fuckers is no easy task but Abigail does it with gusto and enthusiastic precision, delivering her own pain as if you were the one there administering the hurtin. Gagged and slobbering she deep throat fucks her face with huge cocks and then slaps the dick right out of her mouth as tears well up.
Bamboo nipple clamps turn her nipples an array of colors before the clover clamps are attached. ouch. Thoroughly used and covered in various bodily fluids and humiliating writing across her torso she pleases not only her Master but her many adoring fans in this impressive look into slave abigail's joyful servitude. Now Available at