Fetish Pup
Delirous Hunter thought she was into fetishes. She showed up on OT's door step wearing some fancy leather collar and sporting an outfit that screams "FUCK ME!" The only problem is that she never found out what OT was into. He's got fetishes, too. They don't involve just holding her down and sticking his dick in, though. Where's the fun in that?

Instead OT is going to enjoy Delirous in other ways. She'll be screaming for mercy, swearing that she isn't into it, but a quick check between her legs says otherwise. The pussy never lies. Delirious is wet, ready to receive, and it doesn't matter what words come out of her mouth, though. OT just has one thing he wants to hear. He'll stop with the whipping and caning when she agrees to stay with him as his slave. She doesn't take very much convincing.

Her time with OT isn't her favorite. She's locked in a cage but he makes sure to take care of all of her needs. She may think that the time spent in metal bondage is the worst, but she is in for a few surprises when he finally lets her out. Her muscles are sore and stiff from her long time locked away. He's going to help her stretch, with a little help from the rack.
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