Sensation Slut
Cici Rhodes Rain DeGrey hardtied 2014-11-05 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Cici Rhodes is a tall lanky redhead that clocks in at 5’10. She might be too much woman for most, but not for us. Today we are going to cut her down to size and work her over in all of the ways that this sensation slut so badly craves. We are going to bind her down and stuff her holes until she can not get her cum drunk eyes uncrossed.

There is no pleasure without pain however, and Cici will have to earn every orgasm she gets today the hard way. Cici is bound wrists to hips with large rocks tied to her ankles. The rocks slow her down enough that every movement is a painful undignified crawl. We warm her up with some foot worship and face degradation before cutting out two holes in her shirt to let her pink nipples spring free. We tease her with a vibrator but deny her what she so badly craves.

Enough warm up. Time for the main course. We tie Cici onto her back with her feet pointed up towards the ceiling, all the better to display that ass. Her holes are completely exposed and wide open and her toes call out for torture. We oblige. We are givers like that. Caning and flogging are followed up by a DP that sends our sensation slut spiraling into an earth shattering orgasm and we are not done with her yet.

We finish her off with a bent over tie that puts her at the perfect position for some strap-on fucking. A neck rope holds Cici in place and prevents her from escaping the dick. We flog that juicy ass a little more because we just can not resist before gripping our slut’s hips and slamming home without mercy as weighted nipple clamps bounce painfully with every stoke. She cums gratefully all over the dick, her breath is harsh and ragged gasps. The final touch is hooding our toy with her own cut up shirt. We will be back later when we fell like playing some more...
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