Ginger Whacks
When Barbary Rose was bound, twisted on the floor and tied up, she thought that it was terrible. The sexy redhead couldn't cover herself as Jack Hammer rained vicious cane strokes down on her soft, pale flesh. Gingers can be so delicate.

But she didn't know what helpless felt like until Jack had tied her legs spread far apart, her wrists bound to her ankles, and she realized that he intended on punishing her beautifully shaved pussy. He's flogging her to tears and the cane marks he left on her ass are still showing bright red, promising to turn into the deep purple bruises that she loves so much.

Rain DeGrey has never seen a slut she didn't want to skull fuck. She straps on and rides Barbary's face until tears are streaming down the rope bunny's cheeks. For Barbary it is a welcome change, to feel used in the ways that she's used to. It is so hard to have her ass and pussy caned by Jack, but having them plowed by Rain's hard strap on is pure bliss. She may scream a bit from the fucking, but it's in thanks instead of anguish while she is getting skewered.
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