Hybristophilia: Surrealism episode 4
Hazel Hypnotic 2018-08-30 29.99 credits Buy Movie
High in the rafters she is not alone. Mud-wasps, bats, and flies buzz and swop about her. But she labors also, the sweat forming maddening, tickling, rivulets that drip off the trembling labia. She must hold her legs spread — the apparatus that clutches her (gibbit) is engineered so as the legs grow weaker she impales herself on a cone shaped spike stretching her vulva. To overcome this splitting fatigue she discovers that a rhythmical spreading of her legs is less tiring. Diabolically, the machine that torments her also is her ecstasy.
apparatus     bat     buzz     cone     ecstasy     gibbit     labium     labor     legs     machine     maddening     mud     rafter     rhythmical spreading     rivulet     splitting fatigue     sweat     tickling     wasp     
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