Water Vessel Breathplay In Red
Flagerella sensualpain 2018-10-10 9.99 credits Buy Movie
I would like to introduce Flagerella here, in her first video with us here at Extreme Productions LLC and SensualPain Studios, as she explores her kink as a bottom for me to torment. Just watching Flagerella in self breath play in this Water vessel is exhilarating. Handling her as a Master, training her in B&D, Bondage and Submission, is a rather pleasant experience. Another part I like about being an active BDSM bondage Master, is having the facility to share kinks and fetishes with like minded people in the realm of B&D, S&M and M⁄s. Flagerella is part of the nice kink community here in Portland Oregon. She has moved here from another state to explore her kinks as Switch in sadomasochism. She is a heavy bottom with a healthy tenacity in openly exploring her kinks as well as discovering new ones.

In this scene we explore the emotional, psychological and even the physical fears of confinement in a medium sized vessel filling with water. Though having plenty of room to move around, the inability to completely stand up gives an even further enclosed feeling. When the water level keeps rising and the space that contains the air recedes, plays psychological tricks on the mind. Breathing in water is not an option as Flagerella shows us her need to be resourceful or a possible bitter end may transpire. She finds that there is a small hole in the lid where the water was filling from, gives her the ability to sustain life for a bit longer. Watch as calmly displays her panic as she draws air through the hole in the lid. A fascinating display of self controlled panic in a very dangerous situation. A captivating engagement of testing her limits in confined breathplay.

tags; Real, Aquaphilia, Breath Play, Under Water, Female Desperation, Autoassasisinophilia, Bondage Device, Hold Breath, Weighted Steel Collar, Bondage Vessel, Red, Extreme, BDSM, Masochism, Unusual Kinks, Sexually Attractive, Seductive, Desirable, Alluring, Menophilia, Algolagnia, Real Sessions, Real Pain Pleasure.
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