Black Lipstick Defiance
This slave has been acting out against her Master's will and being defiant. There's a hissing snake inside of her that needs to be beaten out of her. Her Master ties her to the gallows and leaves her for a while so she can kick and scream some of her venom out but she still has way too much fight in her. And that mouth! She's adorned in black knee high boots, nipple clamps and black lipstick only and is fightin mad. You can tell she's a naughty slave by the bruises on her big ass. He gives her a brutal flogging until she is begging for him to stop and her will is broken down to submission. Black tears stream down her face as she begs to be freed and promises to obey. But he's not done with her yet. He hoists up one of her legs and spreads her pussy lips apart with bondage. He then continues to make her orgasm energetically 4 times until she squirts and then leaves her there for good measure.
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