Tardy Tart
Luci Lovett infernalrestraints 2018-06-22 19.99 credits Buy Movie
“Curiosity killed the cat!” Luci is a stupid cat. She was told to be at OT’s studio at 8. She was told to look around. Does Luci follow instructions? No she doesn’t. Why? Beacause she’s too slutty for her own good. Her overactive sluttiness makes her the dumbest little slut. After a moment of looking around the studio she finds a block with a lock. So what does she do? She locks herself in.

Some people might be angry at how stupid Luci behaved, but OT isn’t like that. He’s the understanding type. He simply explains that the lock Luci used was supposed to be thrown away because the key had been lost. Rather than waste the opportunity he takes full advantage of her predicament.

Luci has such a lovely body! It would be a shame not to leave his mark on it. When he’s satisfied he reveals the truth. Of course he has the key to her lock. He just pretended as punishment. You see not only is Luci a stupid slut. She was also late!
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