One Horse Prison
Sexual Talent Optimization

Today's objective is forced orgasms while being bound, impaled and spread. Master James knows that slave 465 needs more intensive training and discipline in pain pleasure to orgasm involving an artificial cock prosthetic of the beast variety. The slave knows full well that the failure of any given task will bring quite server penalties.

So, Oskar the Horse Cock replica is the point of interest today, firmly mounted on a single point prison for the slave to ride in her pussy. Though the insertable length is only 7 inch, the flare at the head is 2 1⁄2 inches in diameter. Not a small task but manageable for certain.

She is shackled and orally introduced to the horse dong synthetic. Though exhibiting some enthusiasm at the sight of the girth prosthesis, we could say that the proof is found in the pudding. She is attached to the pole, the dong is raised deep in her cunt, choking collar tight, vibrator attached then further bound with layers of nylons used as arm binders. Master fucks her from behind while adding more tension to the spring loaded clamps pulling her pussy lips wider for the powerful vibrator painfully does its job on the swollen clit.

Objective accomplished!

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