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Here at INSEX we like to train our staff to help out. Kate has been told a thousand times how to wrap up a rope, how to unscrew things, and a multitude of other tasks. However, each task seems to prove too difficult for her to wrap her pretty little head around.

Perhaps we'll find out if she's not too dumb to sit in some bondage. OT ties her up and she just sits there with a blank look on her face. She works at a bondage studio, you'd think she'd know how to behave once the ropes go on. Her insipid apologies are like nails on a chalk board to OT so he gags her immediately.

At least Kate has a nice body and a pretty face. It's all that redeems her. OT removes her favorite top. Kate is mortified that he cut right through it. She imagines her train ride home without it to cover her tits. In the end OT finds a use for her as a punching bag. He hauls her up in the air and beats her. If she has started with any sense, by the time OT is finished with her, it's gone.
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