The Anal Exordium Stretch
Abigail Dupree    
2018-10-07, 22 minutes, 1,120 megabytes, 1920x1080 Ultra4K
Credits to buy this movie: 11.99 credits
An anal stretching How To video by sex slave abigail 525-871-465. This video gives you a small 20 minute anal beginning stretch 1 on 1 with the smaller toys. It is important to go small and slow in the beginning when not used to doing big anal stuffing. Here in this video, she starts off with a small discourse about anal then goes right to using the steel ass plug, then the steel eggs as they all plop gingerly in and out in progression of her trained butt hole. Promptly she uses the 10 ball anal beads as she counts them being inserted. If you are into asshole worship, then watching her push these beads out of her asshole is quite a treat... Mmm as you will see, anal play is more that just putting things in your ass, it is the passion and the need to feel full, feeling exotic sensations that most of us need. Is also to say that only some of us actually fulfill this fantasy in anal insertion therapy, but only a fraction of those actually do it well.

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