Return of the Screamer
Ashley Lane Jack Hammer hardtied 2015-06-24 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Ashley Lane's body is just too sensitive to play games with Jack Hammer. He's so rough with her, and she loves it, but she it hurts so much, even while it feels so good. She's a screamer. She can't help herself. Whether he's grabbing, vibrating, or really laying into her with the corporal punishment, Ashley can't help but belt out a few piercing shrieks of pain. They're like music to his ears.

Her screams aren't ones of protest, though. We can tell because her body gives itself up readily. Her ass opens wide and accepts the hook Jack pushes inside of her. Her nipples stand erect at the lightest touch. Her pussy is dripping wet and her orgasms come on so hard that she can't hold back, even when she wants to. She doesn't know why corporal punishment, rough rope bondage, and a bit of humiliation make the perfect recipe to keep her coming back for more, but she can't resist it.
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