Dick Tied
Rick Hunt London River topgrl 2017-05-16 14.99 credits Buy Movie
Rick Hunt saw Topgrl and knew he had to apply to be in a shoot with London. He was so enthusiastic that she decided that he wouldn't go home disappointed. London loves a hard cock, especially when it only gets harder when she introduces pain.

London first ties Rick on his knees, securing his member to the floor. She attaches some binder clips to some of his more sensitive areas before pulling out the single tail and adding stripes to his exposed chest. She canes his inner thighs as his screams are muffled by his tape gagged mouth. She then removes the clips, dragging them off his skin agonizingly slow and pinching the marks left over to get a few more screams out of him.

London Then bending him over, propping his ass up by his balls and proceeds to whip him and shock his exposed testicles. She giggles with delights as he wails some more. Finally she puts a leather hood on him and bends him over, securing his cock in a fleshlight as she fucks his ass. She has a vibrator tied to his junk so she can play with him some more while she rails him hard. Rick cums hard before she is through with him and through with him, she leaves him panting in the darkness of his hood.
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