5 Shades of DeGrey: The Fourth Shade
Rain DeGrey infernalrestraints 2016-01-22 24.99 credits Buy Movie
Rain DeGrey has barely been able to sleep tonight. She spent the evening unfulfilled on her couch, next to the useless lump she calls a husband. Her book was even less entertaining than her spouse, and she went to bed angry.

Her dreams have been erratic. Every time she drifts off she is in a new setting, with a new tormentor, but some things never change. She is always being abused, hurt for the sexual gratification of others. They tie her down, lock her in metal devices, beat her, fuck her, and fill her holes with other odd implements. A pussy hook, a fucking machine, a dozen different gags, Rain can't even keep track of the things that have been inside of her. As the dream moves from one phase to the next she finds herself in different positions, but she never knows how she got there.

She screams in the nightmare, but in her bed she moans. In her subconscious it is strange, anonymous men touching her, but in the real world she is touching herself. And when she wakes up, she is startled and scared. She reaches out for her husband, looking for a bit of comfort, but when he sits up she realizes that the nightmare isn't over yet. It continues tomorrow, at RealTimeBondage.com.
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