Ho, Ho, Whore Part 1
Jessica Kay realtimebondage 2015-12-26 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Now that the dinner is done and the presents unwrapped, it's time to unwind with one last piece of Christmas joy. This little present is named Jessica Kay, and she calls herself a natural submissive. She got into BDSM by reading a certain famous novel that will remain nameless, and we're happy to further her education in the erotic arts. We learn a few other secrets from her,

Rain DeGrey is disappointed in the effort she has put forth so far. She can barely fit a couple of fingers down her throat, so she is going to need some training before she managed to get a decent cock in there. If her face is no good for fucking, then she's going to have to use it for something else. Rain plans on making her suffer. There was a horrible experience Rain had years ago, involving q-tips and a very spicy, green paste, and she has been waiting all of that time to pass along the love. It's going to stick with Jessica, too, judging by the tears, snot and drool running down her face.

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